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greysic's Journal

Grey's Anatomy Icon Challenge
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greysic is an icon challenge community dedicated to the great ABC show "Grey's Anatomy".

1.You must be a member of the community in order to participate.
2.Submit only new icons. They must fit LJ standarts - 100x100 and no bigger than 40 kb (smaller is allowed).
3.Animations is NOT allowed, but textures, brushes, text and etc. are all encouraged.
4.Submit your entries in a new post to the community. You cannot post your entries anywhere
else until winners are announced.
5.You must use the pictures provided for each challenge, unless stated otherwise.
6.You are allowed to submit up to 4 icons.
7.Submit your icons in a host, with the HTML code and the URL.

1.Do not vote for yourself.
2.Do not ask your friends to vote for you.